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Team of Faculty


Samanta Westera-Juppa - Director/Teacher/Instructor
(Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Samba, Belly Dance, Street Dance, Aqua Aerobics, Aerobics & Pilates)

Is a major creative and visionary force behind CDM with more than 25 years of experience in dance education and fitness. Samanta is a multi-talented dancer, teacher & choreographer who has developed a wide range of dance forms including classical ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, latin dances and street dance. Ms. Samanta studied Physical Education at Universidade Gama Filho, Brazil and holds a Register teacher status at Royal Academy of Dance-England, Pilates Instructor by Power Pilates-USA, Personal trainer and group fitness trained by ACE-USA and Professional dancer status in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She performed, teached and choreographed at Clube do Movimento - Brazil, toured nationally with Universidade Gama Filho Folklore Dance Group and performed at Disney Parks with Centro de Danca Rio. Ms. Samanta trained at Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey, Peridance in the USA and at Carlota Portela, Renato Vieira,Centro de Danca Rio and Clube do Movimiento, Brazil. Ms. Samanta co-founded and is the artistic director of Club di Movimiento and Youth Ballet Companionship in Aruba. Club di Movimiento was created based on the idea of a dance school where we all can connect with each other. Despite our shapes, color or beliefs we create dynamic and positive movement.


Vivian Maduro - Teacher
(Ballet, Jazz & Latin)

Born in the city of La Habana, Cuba. She started her ballet study at the age of 8 and graduated from the National School of Art in Cuba as a professional ballerina at the age of 17. She spend 9 years working at “Teatro Musical de Habana” as a ballerina. She took a break from her career in the year 1999, and from 2001 she started to teach at the Club di Movimiento in Aruba, where she gives day to day the best of her, so that her students can feel total satisfaction and happiness with all her classes given.


Mayra Stroeken - Teacher
(Tap, Afro & Contemporary Jazz)

Dutch nationality, Miss Mayra concluded the “Rotterdamse Dans Akademie” Bachelor, Modern Dance, Jazz & Tap Dance for children 1994 – 1999, she did numerous independent European productions and independently studied 3 months in Africa. Miss Mayra is a dance consultant for community schools, college and high school and is a dance teacher at Institute pedagogic Aruba for CKV (Cultural Arts Education). Since 2001 Miss Mayra is a dance teacher at Club Di Movimiento and Art Consultant of Department of Education of Aruba.




Juan Carlos Iglesias - Guest Teacher
(Artistic Gymnastics - Acrobatic)

Juan Carlos Iglesias, a former member of the Cuba's National gymnastics team, graduated from the Higher Institute of Physical Culture, degree in Physical Education in the specialty of Artistic Gymnastics. Mr. Iglesias worked at National Circus of Cuba, graduate at Tropicana school and worked at Tropicana one of the most famous show of the world as Paricense, Copa room of the Riviera.

International experience: ARUBA - "Let's go Latin!" at Crystal Casino and Westin Hotel, and nowadays works as a coach of the Aruba National Gymnastics Team.