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Club di Movimiento aspires to teach art, beauty and physical health to the Aruban Community, including kids as well as adults. Club di Movimiento offers a variety of dance disciplines but represents more than a dance school. It is a real ‘asosiashon di movimiento’. All the activities ensure a (better) development of body coordination, flexibility, balance, sense of rhythm and creativity.

For KIDS (3 – 15 years) we offer the following classes:

  • In Pre-primary & Primary ballet (3 – 5 ½) we work with different games on music and focus on stretching, pre-ballet, coordination, acrobatics and creative movements.
  • During ballet class (6 years and up) and for the more advanced students (12 years and up) – pointes, we emphasize purity, precision, the right technique and body control. The students will learn about classical music and the technical skills a ballerina needs to acquire.
  • Jazz (7 and up) is an exciting dance form where the discipline of a correct technical training is combined with physical condition and cardio. On popular, modern music and famous show melodies, different jazz styles are taught, including the latest dance movements.
  • Tap-Jazz ( 5 ½ and up) is a dance form with complicated rhythmic patterns on different types of music. The concept of timing is very important and kids love to tap because they can “stamp on the floor”.
  • Contemporary Jazz is a popular form of dance. Although originally formed by and borrowing from classical, modern, and Jazz styles, it is often perceived as being closely related to modern dance, ballet and other classical concert dance styles.
  • Gym /Gymnastics program includes:  Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, Steps, Tae-bo and circuit workouts.
  • Street dance refers to dance styles that evolved outside of dance studios, including B-boying, Funk and Hip-hop.
  • Latin refers to the Social Latin dance include Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Tumba, Bachata, the Argentine tango, Samba, Cha cha cha and Rumba. Our Latin program includes Arubian Folklore such as Waltz, Danza and Tumba.


Class            per week                      Class            per week
Pre-primary            1 class                      Tap-Jazz            1 class
Primary            2 classes                      Latin            1 class
Ballet            2 classes                      Street dance            1 class
Jazz            2 classes                      Gym            1-3 classes
Contemporary            2 classes   Aerial Silk   1 class

Yearly is required a registration fee of AWG 35,00 per person.
Monthly tuition fees depend on the number of classes per week:

per week            per month                      per week            per month
1 class            AWG   80,00                      5 classes            AWG 300,00
2 classes            AWG 120,00                      6 classes            AWG 360,00
3 classes            AWG 180,00                      7 classes            AWG 420,00
4 classes            AWG 240,00                      etc.

Every second, (third etc.) child of a family obtains a 5% reduction on the monthly price!

For more information or to receive a free try out lesson, contact us at Club di Movimiento.

For more information you can download it here