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Youth Ballet Companionship


Club di Movimiento - Youth Ballet Companionship
The CDM Youth Ballet Companionship mission is to train, inspire and nurture young dancers towards artistic excellence. To bring the art of dance, from amateur to pre-professional quality performances, providing them the opportunity to learn about and gain a greater appreciation for the art of dance.

CDM goal is to prepare and present our dancers in works that epitomize the artistry of ballet and contemporary style and instilling themselves confidence, discipline, creativity and self respect.

Important information about YBC:
Class required to attend:

  • Their regular dance classes schedule
  • One extra (weekly) dance class (Classical Ballet or other style advised by the teacher)
  • CDM Youth Ballet Companionship rehearsal once a week
    • Petit/Etude - Thursday 6:00 / 7:00 pm
    • Superiour - Friday  6:00 / 7:00 pm

Here are some extra dance classes recommended:

  • Ballet Variations / Pas de Deux
  • Stretching classes / Pilates
  • Contemporary / Modern
  • Classical Ballet
  • Acrobatics

YBC member must pay a tuition fee of AWG 75,00 per month that includes YBC weekly rehearsal and 1 extra weekly dance lesson. Tuition has to be paid at the beginning of each month.

CDM Youth Ballet Companionship rules & Expectations
The only excused absences from required classes or rehearsals are for the following reasons and must clear with instructor or choreographer before class time. Please also list any know excused absences on the CDM-YBC calendar studio. Be aware that even if you have an excused absence, if you miss choreography you may be excluded from the piece (choreographer discretion).
National performances are mandatory.

International competitions performance will be determined by parent’s financial conditions and choreographer discretion. It can be selected just few members of CDM-YBC or entire group.

The following are excused absences:

  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Family emergency
  • Mandatory School Event

Every year in January CDM will audition students for the Youth Ballet Companionship.
All CDM-YBC members will have to re take the audition in order to maintain their position in the CDM-YBC. In this way we give a fair chance to other CDM students to get into the CDM-YBC.